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I Made the Jump

Still waiting to land...

But daily living a box is journey...

  • Not always easy, but
  • Worth the effort,
  • If it was easy, what fun would that be?
  • No pain, no gain...

Knowledge Gained

1. Startup - Choose a flavor.

2. Install

3. Taylor to taste.

4. Full production.

11. This will vary, depending on what your producting.

22. Intensive Writing, Research, Communication.

33. Business Operation.

44. Artistic flares.

5. Maintaining a health relationship.

Linux Varieties

I've tried out:

other flavors meritting consideration:

Some time ago, I installed Debian in a box, and gave it a run. It wasn't time for the jump, and I have no accurate records of the experience. It was good enough, though, because here I am - back again.

Understanding Linux

Understanding what, roughly, Linux is makes it a lot easier to use. The origins of the Linux species provides some useful context for understanding its present personallity makeup. So, I'll give it brief run -- sufficient for that purpose. The story warrants a longer run, in the context of understanding the personality(ies) of the Free Software Movement.

Linus Origins

[wait .... ]

Learn Linux