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WhatNotWiki is a creation of user:dgbutterworth

Echoing the introduction on the [Main Page] (with possible expansion to come) this page provides concise statements of purpose.

Primary Purposes

  • Collect information (notes, knowledge, thoughts, experiences, guidance, and reference) in the (loosely defined) domain(s) of:
  • working computer systems,
  • computer systems at work,
  • working with computer systems,
  • work at computer systems,
  • work on computer systems, and
  • whatnotnow-else related to same.

Principles of Purpose

  • test/demonstrate wiki format for knowledge collection,
  • experiment with knowledge/information management tools,
  • study/learn mechanics and schemantics of website wiki creation, use and management.
  • a live laboratory of managing information and knowledge collection, presentation, and retention.


1. Practical: develop functional and useful knowledge base

  • information that is easily referenced and (thus) useful.
  • content that is easily maintained/extended.

2. Systematic: develop useful systems for knowledge management

  • develop (and learn how to use) wiki structures
    • for logical structure
    • for practical presentation
  • extend functionality of wiki format
    • for example - see the Semantic Mediawiki Project.
  • immediate extension to create systems to limit vandalism. (It's very annoying.)